2015 CEIBS Pando Association Annual Meeting & Case Study Seminar on Changbai Mountain

December 5-7, 2015. Changbai Mountain, Jilin, China. Members of the CEIBS Junior Pando Association held their first Annual Meeting, travelling from across China to spend two days in the world of ice and snow on Changbai Mountain. The theme of the meeting was “A Snow-capped Romance”.

The Junior Pando Association was established in September 2015 and aims to practice democracy, openness and down-to-earth principles in its daily operations. The location and timing of the annual meeting were determined by a membership vote supervised by the Class Committee.
▲Changbai Mountain Airport
After a heavy snowfall, Changbai Mountain welcomed participants from Guangdong, Beijing, Fujian, Zhejiang and Northeast China.

▲Lunch Party

Pando is a Latin word meaning “self-extension”. A Pando tree boasts a highly developed root system that spreads to make a forest. It is one of the oldest species with a more than 80,000-year history. Thus the Pando Association connotes the idea of being rock solid and having the ability to accomplish great things and create sustainable prosperity. During the Annual Meeting, as every participant entered the meeting hall they added a leaf to the Pando tree in their favorite color to express the wish that the young tree would grow taller and stronger.

▲The Pando Tree Waiting for More Leaves to Be Added

The young Pando tree represents strength, vitality and vigor of “self-extension”, and carries the unique gene of Pando (Passion + Achievement + Navigation +Diversity + Originality).

Attributes of the Pando Tree: rock solid; great achievement
Attributes of Pando Association Members:
“Filial piety” - Treat parents and elders with filial duty and regard filial piety as the most important virtue;
“Accountability” – Fulfill social responsibilities;
“Gratitude” - Maintain a thankful heart; 
“Harmony” - Value the kindness of others, the cohesiveness in a family, as well as social harmony and world peace.

Opening Ceremony

The many activities that the Association held in its first three months were featured in a video montage that was played during the opening ceremony. These include family office and company visits, a culture trip to Dunhuang (initiated by Shanghai Jiaotong University), forums and lectures, and STEP networking in Singapore. Thanks to its consistent development efforts to serve members, and facilitate communication and interaction, the Association has been able to grow its membership and now enjoys enhanced cohesion.

Looking ahead to 2016, every member of the Association felt a strong sense of mission and responsibility to better develop their career and contribute more to society.

▲At the Meeting


Award Ceremony

The contributions of several members were recognized at an Awards Ceremony during the meeting:
- Winners of the 2015 Junior Pando Association Outstanding Contribution Award: Xu Lixun, Huang Lingfeng
- Winners of the 2015 Junior Pando Association Most Active Participation Award: Wu Tianqi, Qin Junnan, Yang Liuqing
- Winners of the 2015 Junior Pando Association Award for Hardest Working: Lin Huixiang, Wang Tianxiang

The latest family business management cases were the focus of a seminar led by Prof. Jean Lee, CEIBS Professor of Management, Michelin Chair Professor in Leadership and HR, Director of CEIBS Leadership Behavioural Laboratory and Co-Director of CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage. She noted that a healthy and harmonious relationship between family members is critical to the sustainable growth of family wealth. She also had some advice for members of the younger generation: be patient, have long-term vision and foresight, and don’t expect quick results. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the important role that the “sustainable harmonious family relationship” can play and learned more about the essence of “wisdom and filial piety” valued by traditional Chinese culture.


▲Prof. Jean Lee
▲Discussion Group One

▲Discussion Group Two

▲Discussion Group Three

▲Discussion Group Four

▲Discussion Group Five

▲Discussion Group Six

▲All Participants


Participants then enjoyed an evening party that gave them a chance to discuss the highlights of the day, brainstorm future gatherings, and enhance their friendships. Festivities began with partipants from Shanghai and Shenzhen Hsu Chih-mo’s famous poem “Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again” in different dialects, much to the delight of the audience. Some association members felt moved to share their enjoyment of the two-day event:

“I’ve attended lots of events, big or small, but this one is the best! I feel the greatest sincerity, enthusiasm and warmth from everyone here.”

“We just cannot stop it. The party will go on for three days and three nights!”

“It’s a journey for us to learn, to look back on the past and into the future, and to pursue friendship and happiness, and to express our gratitude!”

“I don’t want to leave…” 

The event embodied the spirit of a Pando tree: passion, achievement, leadership, diversity and originality. It not only celebrated the group’s achievements to-date but also pointed to its bright future. Each participant is expected to carry forward the Pando culture and make greater achievements in the upcoming year.